AHRI Certified Water-cooled Screw Chillers

Bring in futuristic products to revamp your business! Climaveneta water-cooled screw chillers are fully committed to creating a greener tomorrow. These chillers range from 120 KW to 3 MW with multiple independent refrigerant circuits and eco-friendly refrigerants that help cater to various applications based on load consumption.

The system is an amalgamation of two heat exchangers, a heat recovery system, an eco-friendly refrigerant, and innovative inverter technology; thus setting a benchmark for sustainability protocols. Combining brilliant premium efficiency with as low as 6 GWP refrigerant, the Climaveneta range of chillers with R1234ZE is non-toxic and non-flammable, thus resulting in the perfect choice for a forward-looking cooling system. The high-efficiency Chillers come with COP's & IPLV up to 6.3 and 11 respectively.
Compact design, easy adaptability, better serviceability, and unparalleled efficiency make these chillers the best choice!

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