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DIGI-COMPLY is a comprehensive Sanction screening and monitoring tool integrated with a Risk assessment to mitigate the risks financial institutions face during the onboarding and ongoing monitoring of customer profile.... Read More

A satisfied customer will not only return to you but will refer more customers. Offer a safe and convenient experience to your customers by transforming to a digital queuing. DIGI... Read More

DIGI has an innovative card named “Infinity” for the unbanked and underbanked people. DIGI aims to redefine the WPS process for employees and employers by digitalizing the process and making... Read More

DIGI-TRANS is a secure and functional digital transaction creating solution for the financial sector to comply with post Covid-19 operational SOP of social distancing and remote functioning. DIGI-TRANS seamlessly integrates... Read More

DIGI plans to bring a whole new experience for the retail customers as well as financial institutions for digital onboarding of the customers and in the process achieve compliance. DIGI-KYC... Read More

Currently, AJMS has presence in 5 countries with its headquarters in UAE. Within a short period, AJMS expanded its operations into 5 countries through the appointment of new... Read More

AJMS Global is a boutique consulting firm specializing in providing niche consulting proposition to its clients in the area of Tax, Risk, Compliance, IFRS advisory and Digital Transformation Advisory. Currently,... Read More