The captivating art of amigurumi captures the heart and soul of everyone with its attractive designs, cute shapes and refreshing colors. In amigurumi, there is no limit on your creativity. You can create a wide range of stuffed yarn creatures and figures.
Some amigurumi art is a staple and has cultural significance. Most of amigurumi is for pure aesthetics and children’s play. It is by essence a delight to perfectionists while being an equally precise style of crocheting, which comes as a challenge to both newbies and seasoned crochetiers alike. Because it’s a slightly different art as compared to crocheting or knitting, finding the right yarn for amigurumi might be a slightly daunting task. There are certain attributes one needs to consider before choosing the right yarn for amigurumi projects. Each yarn has its own pros and cons which complement the toys and projects made using the amigurumi technique.
Based on composition, color, weight, texture and type, we have shortlisted some yarn that will help you achieve the best results. All of these yarns are exclusively available at Vardhman.

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