Common Chipmunk Removal Methods

Peppermint Oil: Chipmunks dislike the smell of peppermint, making it an effective repellent.
Predator Urine: Applying predator urine, such as that of foxes or coyotes, can deter chipmunks from entering your property.
Spices and Herbs: Certain spices and herbs, like cayenne pepper and garlic, can be sprinkled around problem areas to discourage chipmunks.
Live Traps: Humane traps can capture chipmunks alive for relocation to a more suitable habitat.
Baits: Various baits, such as peanut butter or sunflower seeds, can lure chipmunks into traps.
Fencing: Installing a barrier around your property can prevent chipmunks from entering.
Sealing Entry Points: Close gaps or openings in your h