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Engineering Plastics In India

Engineering Plastics In India

Submitted by • March 16, 2020

Metal to Plastic Replacement With a myriad of engineering polymer compounds, the solutions from APPL are backed by Autodynamics Technologies and Solutions (Formerly the Known as APPL RTC). A contemporary Research Design and Technology Centre (Accredited by NABL) which develops new materials with world-class equipment for raw material testing. polymer-compounding-india APPL has fully automated plants to ensure consistent material quality and safe working environment for their employees.pp compounding process india Visit for more details

APPL has been providing end-to-end material solutions like Pre-colored compounds based on Poly Olefins and Engineering Plastics, Color and Speciality Additive Masterbatches. APPL innovative approach to compounding has led to a range of Customized compounds with minerals, glass fiber, wood flour,Metal-to-Plastic-Replacement, flame retardants and more High performance materials etc.plastic-compounding-companies Today being

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