There are a lot of games on Mobile Premier League. I cannot even remember all of those but I’ll list the ones I do remember:

Rogue Heist

WCC Pool

Chess Fantasy

Cricket Fruit Chop

Runner No.1

Among these, Rogue Heist and Fantasy Cricket are the most popular options, mainly because these are the ones that offer you your best chance of making money. Now, not to mislead you, that does not suggest that you will make a lot of money. You will earn something around INR 70-INR 80. And even that is not guaranteed. That is what I can tell from what I’ve experienced, from what I’ve known and from what I’ve heard. Seeing as you ask about the games on MPL, it seems you have not started playing on the platform yet. If you have not, I’d exhort you join hands with me in online sports betting on Parimatch India, the platform where I personally bet.

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