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How to Choose and Use a GARMIN GPS

How to Choose and Use a GARMIN GPS

Submitted by • October 22, 2018

This article discusses choosing and using handheld units for the outdoors-
GPS units for vehicle navigation and fitness tracking are not covered here, nor are GPS-enabled satellite messengers that offer navigation features.
Don’t buy a GPS receiver with the idea of ditching your map and compass-
Finding your way out of the wilds isn’t something you can trust solely to battery-operated electronics. To learn about those classic navigational essentials, read How to Use a Compass and How to Use a Topo Map.

Using Your GPS
Though steps vary, all GPS receivers do the following basic functions:
Display position: A GPS tells you where you are by displaying your coordinates; it also shows your position on its base map or topo map.
Record tracks: When tracking is turned on, a GPS automatically lays down digital bread crumbs, called “track points,” at regular intervals. You use those later to retrace your steps or to evaluate the path you traveled.
Navigate point-to-point: A GPS directs you by gi

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