How to Convert an Android App to iOS?

Well, the need to convert Android applications to iOS App is felt by many business owners to sustain in the market. The reasons are many and let us have a look at some of them

In case you want to hit new markets, having apps on major OS platforms would be a sensible decision. If you are thinking of expanding beyond just the USA to other countries like Asia, Africa, and Europe, then the android app would give you the boost. Similarly, if you want to hit the markets in Oceania, North America, Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc the iOS app development is the crucial platform you need to expand your business.
When it comes to programming language for android app development, Kotlin proves to be the fastest, simplest and seamless language.

Well, many people think that they just need to translate existing code to convert the Android application to iOS. This is not true. Programming languages also come with their set of algorithms, rules, syntax, and semantics. The programming languages used for both iOS and Android OS are different in mobile app development.

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