How to get started with your very own elf on the shelf

How to get started with your very own elf on the shelf

As elf on the shelf spreads its elf cheer and fun, more parents than ever are wondering how to get started with their very own elf. No need to worry! elf on the shelf is simple enough for even kids to do – just follow these easy steps:

1. Purchase an elf costume and a book about elf on the shelf ( elf on the shelf can be easily found at your local Walmart or Target)

2. Upon returning home, quickly dress in costume and read the elf book together with your child. This step is important because it familiarizes your elf with its new environment so the elf knows where to return when it's time to fly back on the shelf.

3. Your elf's first assignment is to find the perfect hiding spot in your home – elf can't return to the North Pole until it knows where its new secret hiding spot is! Once elf has found a good spot, it will fly back on its shelf in your child's room and secretly watch them play or sleep.

4. Every night elf returns to the North Pole to deliver a new message to Santa about what it has learned about your child throughout the day, so its important elf's hiding spot is somewhere elf can get in and out of easily.

5. Optional elf-sized ornaments are also great for elf on the shelf – elf can hang elf-sized ornaments on its elf-sized Christmas tree, and an elf will return them to the elf-sized box every night before it returns.

That's all there is to it! elf on the shelf is a simple and fun tradition that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike, and should only take an hour or two out of your elf day.

elf on the shelf does much more than just provide fun and cheer throughout December – elf can also help your child learn responsibility, empathy, courage, and patience just by participating in this simple elf tradition.

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