How to Migrate Roundcube to Office365?

The eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration Software and the Webmail Backup & Migration Tool from eSoftTools are two effective solutions for the sometimes difficult task of migrating emails and data between platforms. The transition from Roundcube to Office365, including attachments, is made easier with these tools. The IMAP Backup and Migration Tool offers safe, user-friendly options for backup and migration on a variety of IMAP servers. Several webmail services are handled by the Webmail Backup & Migration Tool, which guarantees thorough backup choices and effective migration. The steps involved in migrating data from Roundcube to Office365 are as follows: pick the data to be migrated, configure the source (Roundcube) and destination (Office365) accounts, and start the process. These tools guarantee a reliable, safe, and seamless relocation process.
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