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How To Remove An Old Water Heater

How To Remove An Old Water Heater

Submitted by • October 26, 2018

· Turn off the gas to the old water heater. If that the tank is electrical, kill the electrical switch that controls the water heater; at that point separate the electrical supply wires from the wires rushing to the tank. Use the stop valve to kill the cool water supply rushing to the tank Attach a garden hose to the waste pipe at the base of the tank. Run the opposite end of the hose to an outside deplete. Turn on all the boiling water heaters in the houses Turn on the seepage valve in the base of the boiling water tank. Empty the water from the tank totally. We will not have the capacity to let you know precisely how to operate water damaged devices. Secure expel a water heater from your home in light of the fact that the conditions of your water heater's expulsion will rely upon the setup of your home, the heaviness of your apparatus and area of your specific water heater.

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