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SP Colour & Chemicals — Manufacturers of Pearl & Pigments that are used in various Industries like Cosmetics, Paint, Plastic, Coatings and more.

Today, we are here to describe Iridescent pearl pigment, which is a special type of pigment that has a colour shifting effect.

It adds a touch of luxury. It is used in automotive paints to create effects on cars, giving them a unique shine. These pigments are employed in coatings for motorcycle, bicycles, and even helmets, riders to express their style on the road. Iridescent pearl pigment used in cosmetics, makeup products like eyeshadows, lipsticks, nail polishes, and more. The shimmering effect adds glamor to beauty looks, making them perfect for special occasions. These pigments enhance the visual of various goods, making them more attractive to shoppers. Fashion designers and textile manufacturers add a touch of glam. These pigments add clothing and textiles, making them ideal for creating stunning looks.

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