Amenities and Highlights Provided in Plots in Noida Sector 112

The prominent location of Kisan Kota plots in Noida offers prominent amenities and features. The highlight of the location is it has a metalled road, with a supply of clean water. There is supply of 24*7 electricity for the people staying in the plot. A proper boundary with the entrance gate is provided to enter the plot. It also has a proper security system to secure your plot.

The amenities offered in the place are basic and needed in the location. There is a proper sewage system with a 24*7 water supply in the location. The place is properly secured by the security guard for 24*7 services. The place has a beautiful temple of God with a big huge garden to offer fresh air and to walk. There is a complete boundary for the proper division in the place and a gated security system. The place has proper street light facilities to see the place even at night.