O2 Resto & Lounge | Hookah Lounge

Unwind and experience the art of hookah at O2 Resto & Lounge, Guelph's premier destination for relaxation and connection. We offer a diverse selection of premium hookah flavors, including classic and innovative blends to satisfy your cravings. Our top-quality shisha ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Immerse yourself in our comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Relax in our plush seating, surrounded by soothing music and ambient lighting. Whether you're catching up with friends or enjoying a solo session, O2 Resto & Lounge provides the perfect setting to unwind and de-stress.

Elevate your hookah experience with our delicious food and drink offerings. Our menu features a variety of mouthwatering dishes to satisfy all appetites, from appetizers and light bites to hearty main courses. We also offer a selection of refreshing beverages, including cocktails, mocktails, and traditional teas.