Process for MSME Registration Online

Due to online platforms, applying for MSME registration online in India has become a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step procedure:

a. Proceed to the Udyam Registration Portal:
ulArrowThe ‘Udyam Registration portal ( is the official gateway for MSME registration Online.
b. Input Aadhaar Number:
ulArrowTo begin, input your 12-digit Aadhaar number. Check that your Aadhaar information is up to date.
c. Business details:
ulArrowEnter your company’s details, such as name, kind, and location.
d. Investment and Turnover:
ulArrowEnter information about your company’s investment in plant and machinery or equipment (if manufacturing) or turnover (if providing services).
e. Verification:
ulArrowOnce all information has been provided, double-check it for accuracy.
f. Generation of Udyam Registration Number:
ulArrowAfter verification, the portal will generate a Udyam Registration Number, which will be used to register your MSME.
g. MSME Certificate:
ulArrowYou can print your MSME certificate, which serves as proof of registration. When working with banks or government institutions, this certificate comes in handy.