Sandalwood Farms in Visakhapatnam | Sandalwood Plantation Sale in Vizag

Best sandalwood farms for sale in Visakhapatnam. Investment plots with sandalwood plants & trees near Vizag for sale. Sandalwood farmlands in Andhra Pradesh to make profitable investments. Sandalwood is an integral part of Indian culture and tradition. It is sacred and aromatic. Historically, we always harvested sandalwood from forests. Today, deforestation and exponential demand for sandalwood have made sandalwood an endangered tree species. India is currently importing small amounts of sandalwood from other countries. Therefore, commercial cultivation of sandalwood is very much needed for the present and future sandalwood market demand. Today, a few Australian companies grow Indian sandalwood on a commercial basis and export it to the world market. There is a high demand for sandalwood in India and the world over. It will continue to grow because almost all forest sources of sandalwood are fast getting depleted. Sandalwood as part of an integrated multi-crop farming system is sustainable and financially rewarding.

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