SCHENKER ZEN 50L Basic Watermakers | Schenker Watermakers USA

SCHENKER ZEN 50 L Basic Watermaker produces clean & fresh drinking water from seawater. It is a quiet, small, light efficient & inexpensive watermaker. It can be installed in all positions, horizontal as well as vertical. Schenker ZEN 50 is the ideal watermaker for Ocean Rowing Boats, 45 feet Sailboats, 40 feet Catamaran, and 40 feet Powerboats. It has the following features,
Capacity: 50 lit/h | Gal/h 13.2
Power Supply: 12 / 24 VDC
Consumption: 240 watt
Weight: 30 Kg – 66,14 Lb
Membranes: n° 2 2,5" x 21"
These features make the Zen watermakers very compact, with a special ultra-flat design. Schenker watermakers, as an alternative to the high-pressure pumps of traditional systems, make use of a new patented device (Energy Recovery System) that amplifies the pressure supplied by the low-pressure pumps, recovers most part of the spent energy, thus enabling very high energy efficiency. The consumed energy is up to 80% lower than traditional systems. We provide eco-sustainable, simple, and reliable solutions for making water.

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