We specialise in Express Deliveries to your Home! Happiness Home Delivered!

Discover the freshest fruits, vegetables, and food grains that are sourced directly from farmers and delivered to your kitchen with ‘Rozana’-India’s premier online market that caters to fresh top-quality products, unadulterated ingredients, and gourmet kitchen staples! While we host the regular world-class products and brands, we also have brands that are either smart-agro companies or have organic certifications bringing to you a bandwagon of superior quality produce straight from farms and warehouses to your home! You needn’t go anywhere else!
Rozana strives to achieve a balance between the consumer, producer, and profits by bringing significant and dignified changes in the supply chain wherein we empower small and large scale farmers by providing them better access to markets. We create supply chains that are fairer and help to improve farmers negotiating power enabling them to build direct business partnerships with us. Rozana gives marginal farmers access to state-of-the-art technology and educates them about sustainable practices and new adaptive technology to improve their products and provide quality products to the end consumer. We try to work with our farmers on a minimum price mechanism which means that the farmers are protected by price fluctuations in the market and have a stronghold over their rates/wages. We recognize the role of women in agriculture, while also keeping our focus on the quality of products rather than just the quantity.

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