What is pure Paithani saree price in Chennai?

Hello Everone Today I,m Here to share with you what is pure paithani saree price in chennai ?
A pure Paithani saree is a traditional Indian garments it's known for its lovely beauty and hardworked craftsmanship. The Origin of Paithani sarees Originating from the town of Paithan in Maharashtra, India, these sarees are purely made from high-quality silk, which giving them a luxurious feel. They are complex woven using traditional handloom techniques by skilled artisans and craftmans, often it is gradually passed down through generations by generations. Paithani sarees are characterized by Explanatory motifs and unique borders designs, it will be inspired by nature, folklore, and historical themes. They hold massive cultural significance in Maharashtra and these sarees are wear on special occasions like weddings and festivals. Paithani sarees are treasured as heritage, that should symbolizing familiar heritage and traditions, that making them a timeless piece of Indian culture.