Wireless TV Speakers for Hard of Hearing Senior Citizens – TV SoundBox

The SEREONIC TV-SoundBox lets you hear and enjoy your favorite shows at a volume that won’t disturb others. This simple to use wireless TV speaker connects to your TV or cable box by simply connecting the base via an analog or optical audio cable (cables provided with the speaker). You can also connect to your TV using HDMI cable using our HDMI converter (sold separately). You may also connect to streaming video services such as Netflix that output Dolby Digital audio signal by using our Dolby Digital converter (sold separately). Once the base is connected you can place the wireless speaker next to your chair or bed (up to 100 feet away). It works independently from your TV’s volume, so you can turn the TV volume down or completely off. This updated model features a user replaceable rechargeable battery and a sleep timer that when activated the sound will fade to a very low volume after 1 hour. Compatible with all TVs, including the newest Smart TVs with digital audio output.

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