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Executive Assistant Jasmine Moore's world turns upside down after the loss of her husband. Then, finding out about his affairs, she seeks revenge. To Jasmine's surprise, she finds love instead... Read More

What would you do to rise above unfavorable circumstances? This intriguing question is at the essence of the inspiring book, Overcoming Adversity. Rejections, setbacks and obstacles may occur in employment,... Read More

As a landscape, Travel, Adventure, Fine art, and nature photographer, Nicki’s beautiful photos that capture wildlife in their natural habitats are what set her apart from other photographers. She likes... Read More

Multi-functional writing instruments come in different forms. These can be pens with highlighters combo which can serve both the utility. Share it with your team members who love highlighters and... Read More

Post-its are an ideal way to keep track of important things to do. You can stick them to your laptop, your desk to remind you of things in pipeline. Customize... Read More

History may seem like something that’s done, but you can never deny the fact that its significance lies in eternity. There are many reasons why history is important to be... Read More

For the first two dimensions of learning, the womb and the home, parents are in charge. The author encourages parents to develop resiliency in their children to help prepare them... Read More

Customized writing instruments such as pens, highlighters, pencils are a ideal giveaway items to make your employees welcomed at their first day in your organization. These are also given as... Read More

Pen holders gives your desk a very organized look. You can share it with your employees in your office or to your friends who are running their business. You can... Read More

Writing instruments when ordered in bulk at wholesale prices can be a ideal giveaway to your employees as a token of appreciation or given as a custom giveway during your... Read More