Location: Ethiopia

Omo Valley Travel & Tours is a local tribal tour operator outstretched from the Omo River Valley of Ethiopia – Africa. Working in partnerships with local tribal communities in Omo... Read More

If you’re looking for a cultural adventure in Africa, Omo Valley Ethiopia tours is the perfect holiday package. This remote region is home to some of the most unique tribes... Read More

The Malle tribe lives in an area called Malle Awaki. They are the second largest ethnic group in the south Omo zone. They are predominantly agriculturalists but those living at... Read More

The Aari tribe boasts the largest population of any of the ethnolinguistic groups of the Omo Valley. Their influence extends from the northern border of Mago National Park into the... Read More

The Kwegu Tribe live at the confluence of the Mago and Omo rivers but they also mingle with the Mursi and the Karo. They are specialists in beekeeping and fishing.... Read More

The Tsemay tribe live around the Woito River and are predominantly agriculturalists. The principal livelihood of the Tsemay is rearing livestock, but they practice agriculture alongside animal husbandry. They mainly... Read More

The Nyangatom tribe are predominantly pastoralists but they also practice dry farming during the wet season and flood cultivation along the west bank of the Lower Omo and at Kibish... Read More

Also known as Hor, the Arbore tribe are the southern neighbors of the Tsemay. They live in the hot plains north of Chew Bahir and are predominantly pastoralists. Livestock has... Read More

The Bodi tribe is predominantly pastoral, living directly north of the Mursi, with whom they share much of their way of life. Except for limited agricultural activity around the Omo... Read More

The Dassanech tribe lives around the Omo delta on the northern side of Lake Turkana. They practice flood retreat cultivation, pastoralism, and fishing. The Dassanech are the most southerly ethnic... Read More